Second-Hand Clothes Collection ~ Your Goodwill Makes the World Different

Your second-hand clothes can help mentally challenged adults build job skills and live independently. The Man Fair Sheltered Workshop helps train mentally challenged adults to operate a second-hand store; their salaries help them be self-reliant. Moreover, the operation of the second-hand store also helps immerse these adults into the community and strengthen their confidence. They won’t become the outsider as well as the  burden of the community.


Now, HIS is working with Man Fair Sheltered Workshop. Please join us to donate your second-hand clothes and follow these steps:

Step 1: Gather your second hand clothes

Step 2: Give them a look over

Donating second hand clothes that are in working condition and are free of stains and rips is the best way to ensure that your second hand clothes do the most good.

Step 3: Send them to Ms. Liu

The duration of the activity is from May 15-26. You can send the second-hand clothes to Ms. Liu’s office during school day. She may also have a stand promoting this activity on the first floor during lunch time. Feel free to ask any questions.


The website:

thank you to the Student Store for sponsoring this activity with their baked goods/ ice cream/ popcream sales to this charity event.



二手衣物募集 ~ 你的善意讓世界大不同

你曾經想過你捐贈的二手衣物可以幫助成人智障者獲得工作並獨立自主生活嗎? 對於慢飛兒庇護工場,這是真的。這個機構幫忙訓練成人智障者營運一間二手商店,並將二手商店的利潤做為他們的薪水以養活自己。此外,二手商店的營院也可以幫助這些成人智障者融入社會,強化他們的自信心,他們不會因此變成社會的邊緣人或負擔










Man Fair Sheltered Workshop 慢飛兒庇護工場

Boxes filled with secondhand clothes from HIS are ready to be delivered to Man Fair Sheltered Workshop.  We totally collected and donated 17 boxes. WOW ~ thanks those kind HIS students, teachers and parents.

Student Store Bake sale activity helps to catch students' attention and to raise more awareness of secondhand clothes collection and donation

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