Community Service

From this academic year 2015, HIS decides to give students more real life experiences on character education.  Instead of teaching students empathy in class, school wants students to learn “giving” in their life.  Therefore, school arranges a series of different community services for HIS students to experience.  School hopes community service can help students:


  • — Devote themselves to persons of high character and step outside their egocentric world and help other
  • — Cultivate grateful attitude and give back to the community that helped raise them
  • — Make the community service as a part of their life style or a lifelong habit
  • — Develop the sense of satisfaction and pride that comes from helping others


Moreover, community service shouldn’t be limited on helping “people”.  If we can do our part to do good to the earth as well as to the surrounding environment, we are fulfilling a part of community service.  That’s why school wants HIS students to experience community service in different ways.  One is for environment; the other is for people. 


       1. Community service for environment ~ working holiday experiences

Working holiday model in environmental protection program means people can get closer to the nature, feel relaxed but also take actions at the  same time to help the community “go green”.  For HIS students, working holiday on environment combines the ecotourism (the knowledge acquired) and physical activity (the action taken) to protect the nature.

2. Community service for people ~ charity center service

HIS students will keep company of those seniors or kids / adults with intellectual disabilities on the regular basis during weekdays.  School   believes this is an education-based service where all students involved are agents of change – fostering respect, dignity, and advocacy for people with intellectual disability