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Vision Youth Action (VYA) International Work Camp


Taiwan International Work Camp 2017 is offered by Vision Youth Action (VYA), a non-government/ non-profit organization working with the aim to promote volunteerism and international exchange in Taiwan and around the world. Now VYA is promoting “Urban Famer” program in Taiwan, which benefits participants to feel the Mother Earth, at the same time know more about the Taiwanese local cultural heritage and make volunteer friends from around the world (see the attached file). Moreover, if you are planning your summer time activity, please take fun-and-meaningful international community service programs into account. Here are two English volunteer program search engines sponged by VYA and its volunteer alliance network. Check it out!

  SCI: http://www.workcamps.info/icamps/AA-SCI/en/camps.html

More info about VYA  http://www.volunteermatch.org.tw/IW/en_about_VYA.htm


Vision Youth Action (VYA 願景行動青年網) 的國際工作營

2017台灣國際工作營由VYA所舉辦。VYA是一個非政府及非營利組織,致力於提倡台灣及世界各地的志工交換計畫。目前VYA正在推動在台灣的國際志工工作營(城市農夫計畫),參加的人不僅可以充分感受到大地之母,同時也可以更了解台灣當地文化及和世界各地來的志工交朋友 (詳附件)。此外,如果你正在計畫暑假活動,請考慮有趣又有意義的國際社區活動。以下提供兩個由VYA以及它的聯盟夥伴所提供的英文搜尋引擎,方便搜尋世界各地的志工計畫。


  SCI: http://www.workcamps.info/icamps/AA-SCI/en/camps.html

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