Activity for Fundraising

Raffle Ticket charity activity

The Huashan Social Welfare Foundation is dedicated to caring for elderly people who are disabled, demented, and who live alone with incomes below the poverty line. Currently, HIS has been working with the Foundation to raise money to buy a Chinese New Year Dinner for them. Therefore, HIS intends to launch a Raffle Ticket charity activity from December 5 -14. The price of each ticket is $50NTD. Half the money raised will be donated to the Foundation; the other half will be taken by one winner determined by a drawing after the Secret Santa. Please stop by our stand during lunch in the foyer December 5-14. The more raffle tickets you buy, the greater you chance of winning and you will help more people.



The school has successfully raised money $10,000NTD from raffle tickets. Half the raised money $5,000NTD plus parents’ money contribution $11,300NTD has been donated to Huashan Social Welfare Foundation to buy a Chinese New Year Dinner for elderly people. Half the raised money has been taken by the only lucky winner, Student Store. However, The Student Store decided to donate the money to the Foundation, too.

Fundraising Charity for Huashan Social Welfare Foundation