Charity Center Service


HIS has a new after-school club this year 2015, community service club, which helps to organize students’ community service activities on the regular basis during weekdays.  HIS now is working with three charity centers for students to do their community service.  One is Syinlu Social Welfare Foundation in Hsinchu Office (心路基金會新竹分會); one is Zhudong Shihguang Charity Center (竹東世光教養院); the other is Dong Yuan Elementary School(東園國小).  Some students will accompany kids with developmental delay problems or clean up the environment in Syinlu from Tuesday to Thursday regularly after school.  Some students will accompany Tong Yuan elementary students to do their homework after school on Wednesday and Friday regularly. 


Moreover, school had all-school community service day on Nov.19 and 20, 2015; arranged G9-G12 students to accompany seniors as well as kids/adults with intellectual disability in Zhudong Shihguang Charity Center and its’ affiliated organizations 


        For more details, please check:
  (Syinlu Social Welfare Foundation 心路基金會,英文版)
 (Dong Yuan Elementary School 新竹東園國小, 中文版)
 (Zhudong Shihguang Charity Center 新竹世光教養院, 中文版)


         Besides, school will back up the irregular charity activities for volunteer needed.  Some outside school charity clubs may have fund-raising charity activities and need volunteers to help out.  When charity clubs informed school of those charity events, school is willing to recruit student volunteers to back up those charity activities.  For those who can’t do long-term community services, they can start with one-day charity activities as volunteers.