Gender Equity

HIS Student Protection Declaration


Hsinchu International School is committed to making campus a safe and gender-fair environment, providing respect and giving due consideration to students, faculty, and staff with regards to gender, gender temperament, gender identity, and sexual orientation.  Because of this commitment, if a member of the faculty or the staff engages in any sexual discrimination involving members of the campus, he or she will be held accountable.  Behaviors that constitute “sexual discrimination” include sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, domestic violence, sexual misconduct, and gender discrimination.  


Because faculty members are entrusted with guiding students, assessing students’ work, assigning grades for papers and courses, and recommending students to colleges, they are in a delicate relationship of trust and power with students.  This relationship must not be jeopardized by ulterior motives, biased professional judgment, or the appearance of favoritism. 


The sexual discrimination policy applies to all members of Hsinchu International School community.  Persons found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action that may include, but is not limited to, written warning, demotion, transfer, suspension or dismissal.