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Report the Incident


School will have the designated unit or the staff to process sexual harassment complaints.  While school receives the verbal or written complaints from the case complainant, school will call for a gender equity committee to apply for an investigation or file a report at the earliest possible in order to facilitate evidence collection, investigation, and handling.  During school investigation period, three school units should coordinate together to offer help for those involved.

  • The investigation group under School Gender Equity Committee will be objective, fair and professional, allowing both involved parties sufficient opportunities to make their statements and respond to allegations.  The investigation group will also keep confidential principle to prevent personal info from leaking out, except for investigation necessity or public safety concerns.


  • School administration unit will take necessary measures for the protection of the involved persons’ right to education or employment.  For example, school may rearrange curriculum or activity for the persons involved.  Most important, for those unqualified teachers/staff/faculty, school will lay them off once the sexual harassment or assault case is confirmed and report them to the government unqualified teacher database to prevent them from entering campus again.


  • School counseling system will start up to offer counseling service, protective measures, follow-up plan or other assistance to the persons involved, especially the victim or the complainant on a campus sexual assault or sexual harassment case.  School counseling system can also help the government social worker or police unit process the case if necessary. 


Lily Liu,
2019年2月13日 晚上10:30