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6 Types of Fun Summer Activities for Teens



By Denise Witmer

Updated March 15, 2017

Although most teens look forward to summer break, many of them grow bored by the second week of vacation. And sadly, many bored teens spend their summer vacations staring at their electronics.


With a little help from you, however, your teen can make this summer the best vacation ever. Here are the best summer activities for teens that will keep your child happy, fit, and healthy.


Suggest Family Activities Your Teen Will Love


Summer is a great time to spend quality time together.

Without the stress of school work and with fewer activities on the calendar, you'll likely have more opportunities to bond. Here are some strategies for creating family activities your teen will enjoy.

  • Create family challenges: Establish a weekly contest, such as who can build the highest card tower or the best sand castle.
  • Play with your teen: Whether you toss water balloons at one another, or you dive head-first down the slip-and-slide, don't be a spectator. Show your teen that you're willing to get in there and have fun together.
  • Enjoy some quiet time together: Go on a family picnic and spend an afternoon watching the clouds. Or, hold an old-fashioned family board game night at home.
  • Make food fun: Whether you make your own ice cream or you take turns choosing dinner options, there are many opportunities to turn meals into fun family activities.



  • Ÿ   創造家庭挑戰:


  • Ÿ   和青少年一起玩:


  • Ÿ   一起享受安靜時光:


  • Ÿ   享受一起做食物的樂趣:


Plan Projects That Can Last All Summer


Create a project that will keep your teen busy, but one that will also give your teen a sense of accomplishment at the end of the summer.

Sit down with your teen and brainstorm some possibilities. Here are a few projects that your teen might want to try.

  • Start a garden: Growing a pizza garden, starting your own vegetable garden, or building a flower garden can give your teen something to do all summer. From healthier eating habits, to improved psychological well-being, gardening offers teens some surprising benefits.
  • Encourage your teen to volunteer: Talk to your teen about volunteering throughout the summer. Many organizations, like hospitals, accept teen volunteers. Your teen may also be able to participate in fundraisers for various causes.
  • Start a business: Even if your teen is too young to get a job, she can always start a business. A simple lawn care business or dog walking service could be a great way to teach responsibility and earn some extra income.
  • Plan an event: Let your teen help plan a family vacation or tell him he can throw a back-to-school party if he does the planning. Planning an event could help your teen practice life skills, such as budgeting, time management, and communication.



  • Ÿ   開始種植自己的花園:


  • Ÿ   鼓勵青少年當志工:


  • Ÿ   開始自己的事業:


  • Ÿ   規畫活動:


Promote Activities That Will Keep Your Teen Physically Active


With fewer sports activities, summer vacation can lead some teens to become sedentary, which isn't good for their health. Here's how to prevent your teen from becoming a couch potato.

  • Encourage your teen to get active every day: If your teen doesn't participate in organized sports during the summer months, encourage her to find ways to stay active. Challenge her to ride her bike five miles per day or to swim at the town pool several times a week.
  • Plan family activities that involve exercise: Go hiking as a family on the weekends or go for a walk every evening after dinner. Look for new activities you can try as a family, too. Whether you experiment with frisbee golf or you take surfing lessons together, make fitness fun.


  • 鼓勵青少年每天都要活動


  • 計畫有涵蓋運動的家庭活動


Encourage Activities That Will Keep Your Teen Mentally Active


Summer brain drain can be a real problem, especially if your teen spends his days playing video games. Encourage him to get involved in activities that will help him keep his mind sharp. Help him discover fun activities that encourage learning.

  1. Think about the future: Summer is a great time to encourage your teen to focus a little on the future. Visit a college together or help arrange for your teen to job shadow someone who works in a career that interests him.

2.  Encourage your teen to readTake a weekly trip to the library and challenge your teen to read a new book each week. Encourage him to explore new genres or to start a book club with friends. Reading can help keep your teen's brain active and it can turn him into a lifelong learner.

3.  Use electronics in a healthy way: Rather than staring at a screen, encourage your teen to build a website or learn graphic designing.


1. 思考自己的未來:

      暑假是很好的時間,可以鼓勵青少年專注思考未來。一起去拜訪大學或幫  助青少年職場體驗,安排去見那些在他們有興趣的工作職場上做事的人

      2. 鼓勵青少年閱讀:

   每周去一趟圖書館,鼓勵青少年每周念一本新書。鼓勵他探索新的類型或  是和朋友開始讀書會。閱讀可以幫助青少年的腦筋保持活躍,也可以讓她成為一個終身的學習者

      3. 以健康的方式使用電子產品:


Plan Indoor Activities


It's important to plan for those rainy days or searing hot days when your teen isn't likely to go outside. Find some indoor activities that your teen can keep in mind so she won't get bored. Here are some ideas that can keep her busy.

  • Provide art supplies: Art projects can be as simple as a collage made from old magazines or can involve complex crafts like sewing a new outfit. Encourage your teen to write songs, draw pictures, and create poetry.
  • Encourage household activities: There are always things that can be done around the house. Let your teen paint her bedroom a new color or assign her projects, like cleaning out the garage. Challenge her to show you that she can be responsible.


  • Ÿ   提供美術用品:


  • Ÿ   鼓勵做家事:



Support Activities for Your Teen to Do With Friends


It's important for teens to maintain healthy friendships. And sometimes, during summer vacations, a little adult support can ensure those friendships stay active in the absence of school. Here are a few fun activities for teens to do with friends during the summer.

  • Allow your teen to have friends over: There's a lot to be said for knowing where your teen is and who she is hanging out with, so be willing to host an overnight movie marathon or agree to drive the teens to the beach. If your teen doesn't see friends often, encourage her to plan several events during the summer months.
  • Help teens get involved in the community: Teens have a lot of time during the summer, and quite often, communities have needs. Try to link your teen to community activities, such as organizing an event or reading to children at the library. With a little help getting started, many teens enjoy becoming more involved in their communities.


  • Ÿ   允許青少年有自己的朋友圈活動


  • Ÿ   幫助青少年參與社區活動



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